Having considered all the Government guidance and after extensive discussion with staff team, it has been decided that Town Street Playgroup will remain closed until September 2020. I am extremely sorry for the impact this might have on some of our children and families but feel this is the best decision in the circumstances. 
We will continue to use Tapestry to share ideas for learning and play at home and look forward to seeing what all the children have been doing. We will support transition to school for those children moving onto Reception class, working in partnership with the schools, and will be introducing a Going to School Memo on Tapestry with some ideas about how you might help your child with this next step.


Town Street Playgroup is responding to the Coronavirus outbreak in line with our Infectious Illness Policy, taking into account guidance from Public Health England.



We are being pro-active at Playgroup to minimize the risk of spread of this virus. 

Additional measures that we are putting in place:

  • Anyone that has a high temperature or new, continuous cough is asked to not come into playgroup to drop off or collect children and to self-isolate for 7 days.  If someone else is sent to collect your child, please let us know and use the password given to you. This is a requirement of our safeguarding policy.
  •  Children should not be sent to playgroup if they have any of these symptoms. Please let us know by text if this is the case so that we can update our registers accordingly.
  •  Should children develop a new, continuous cough or a high temperature while they are at playgroup, parents will be contacted and asked to collect them immediately. They should remain at home for 7 days.
  • Playgroup staff will also follow this procedure where necessary.  We will follow procedures in the Infectious Illness Policy if staff absence impacts on the safe running of the setting.
  • On arriving at Playgroup in the morning, please say goodbye to your child in the entrance near the Fruit Monster and a member of staff will take your child to wash their hands, before they go off to play. If your child needs to be settled by you, please go to wash your hands as well before going into the provision.
  • Please wait outside the building until the doors open and then avoid coming into the building in a big group. If you need to speak to a member of staff to share important information about your child, please do so by email.
  • When collecting your child, please avoid coming into the setting in a big group and please do so as quickly as possible.
  • We will continue with our usual routines at Playgroup of ensuring that children wash their hands before and after eating and after using the toilet and after blowing their nose.  We use a mild hand soap suitable for children, wash for 20 seconds and do not use hand gel as it can be too harsh. Please help your child to practise using and binning a tissue. Our emphasis will be on teaching the children that this is all just part of a good hygiene regime and we will be particularly careful not to cause them any worries.
  • We have postponed visits to the setting and a planned Home Learning Session.


Thank you for all your support at this challenging time.