We do provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities but accidents do happen so please don’t send them in their best clothes. Short sleeves are also easier to manage.

Please send a change of clothes (just in case!), and spare nappies, bags and wipes if appropriate. Please send these in a named drawstring PE type bag which can stay on their name peg at playgroup. If we have changed your child’s clothes for any reason, we will return this bag with wet clothes to you at the end of the session.     We also encourage our children to gain the skills for independence, i.e. taking themselves to the toilet if possible, so clothing which is easy to manage will help them to do this and cut down on “accidents”. Children are encouraged to independently access the Mud Kitchen and Outdoor Water Play where we provide waterproof suits and wellies for them - please send them in shoes that are easy to take off and put on again ( i.e. Velcro fastenings and no laces please) but are still safe.

Your child will have access to the Outside Area throughout the year so make sure they have appropriate clothing, e.g. sunhat, warm coat, rain coat, hat, gloves.

Please name your child’s coat and bag.