Our Curriculum


“Children in early years develop best with play based, adult-supported, unique child initiated, developmentally appropriate learning.”


Our Curriculum Intention

It is our intention that children make progress across seven areas of learning within the EYFS but with a focus on their development in the Prime Areas for our youngest children.

We aim to ensure that children are:

  • happy, secure and feel safe
  • independent learners
  • confident and resilient
  • excited and motivated to learn
  • able to form positive relationships with other children and adults away from home
  • supported to recognise and express their emotions, to begin to develop self-regulation, and develop their emotional well-being.

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life for them to fulfil their potential. All staff deeply care about the children in our playgroup. By allowing children to think, share and communicate feelings we can support worries and concerns they may have, and we believe happy children learn.


 We treat all children as individuals and promote positive relationships and secure attachments. We recognize the important role of parents and carers as the child’s first and most important educator, and actively encourage them to be involved in supporting their child’s learning and development during their time in our setting.

We recognise and value each child’s unique strengths and talents, and the importance of acknowledging effort and valuing the little steps that really make a difference to a child’s progress.


We believe that all children are capable of amazing things, and we develop this through having high expectations of all children. When children are supported and encouraged to think for themselves, they show themselves to be very capable. Some of the most important attributes of independent learning include children being able to use the environment for themselves, to make choices and decisions and to start to develop their own thoughts and views. Young children need to be introduced to these attributes and then encouraged to practise them.


We believe that to develop resilience, we must teach children to be independent learners who problem solve for themselves and know to keep trying and how and when to seek help. Excitement and motivation for learning are developed through planning fun, engaging and challenging activities and provision based on the needs and interests of the children.


We believe that all children should be part of a group which values everyone, whatever their age, race, gender, cultural background or special needs. They should be supported to build relationships with adults away from the family and to interact, socialise and enjoy the company of other children.

Cultural Capital


 We see each child as an individual and tap into their interests in order to build upon their knowledge and skills and introduce them to aspects of the world that are new to them or have yet to experience.


How We Implement Our Curriculum

We believe learning through play is vital and that the process of play, not necessarily the resulting product, is how children learn best.

We use planning in the moment to respond to children’s interests, fascinations, and next steps there and then. We also ensure the children’s needs are met through our continuous provision, enhanced provision and some adult led activities.


We meet the needs of all our children through:

  • Planning opportunities that build upon and extend children’s knowledge, experience and interests, and develop their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Valuing parental contributions to their child’s learning.
  • Providing a safe and supportive learning environment in which the contributions of all children are valued.
  • Using resources which reflect diversity and are free from discrimination and stereotyping.
  • Monitoring children’s progress and taking action to provide support as necessary.
  • Providing SEN support and appropriate interventions, working with outside agencies when necessary.

The Impact Our Curriculum Has On Our Children

Our curriculum and its delivery ensure that all children make good progress in the acquisition of skills and learning ready for their next stage in learning, considering their individual starting points.


  • Children will be becoming confident, independent learners and gaining skills which promote a positive attitude to learning, able to use the environment for themselves, to make choices and decisions, develop creativity, and  to start to develop their own thoughts and views.
  • Children will be happy, inquisitive and show their enjoyment of learning.
  • Children will have experienced exciting and enriching learning experiences and opportunities.
  • Children will have been part of a group which values everyone, whatever their age, race, gender, cultural background or special needs, had opportunities to enjoy the company of other children and adults, and developed skills to interact and socialise with others.



September 2022